Call for papers

Agiles 2015 Organizing Team invites you to participate as an exhibitor. The Latin-American Agile Methodologies Community wants to hear your ideas, experiences and learn from the techniques you apply to work.


Proposal Submission

Proposals are sent via the conference’s proposal management system:

When sending your proposal you must add:

  1. Title: The first thing people will see and usually first impressions have great value, that’s why, try to make the title as attractive and descriptive as possible.
  2. Short Description: This description will appear on the program, it should be precise since during the event, this information will be the key for people to decide whether to assist the session or not.
  3. Topic: see Tracks and Topics.
  4. Audience: The knowledge level audience should have about your session topic:
    1- Beginners: People who don’t know about it or are just getting to know about the topic.
    2- Intermediate: People who are already familiar with the topic, know the basis and have implemented it.
    3- Experts: People with wide knowledge about the topic and are looking for ways to innovate.
  5. Type of Session:
    1- Lecture: Speaker presents a topic, usually using slides and in a determined moment of the session he gives the opportunity for Q&A. Duration: 45 minutes
    2- Experience Report: It’s similar to the lecture, but the difference is that a real case where the topic was implemented will be presented. Duration: 45 minutes.
    3 Workshop: An interactive session, with great participation from the audience. Duration: 90 minutes.
  6. Limit of participants
  7. Link to the session’s invitation video: You must record a 3 minute long (max) video, explaining your proposal and inviting the community to participate. The video must be uploaded to the cloud (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  8. Full Description: In this description, you will be able to elaborate about the session’s contents and its dynamic. You can also include any information you think necessary/appropriate to share with the reviewers and people responsible for the event’s organization.

If you have any questions you can send us an email to

You can send as many proposals as you want, but just one session per person will be accepted in the final program.


Feedback and revision process

As usual in our community, you will be able to receive feedback from your peers at any time, since all the presented proposals will be visible for the entire community.

Also, if you send your proposal before June 8th, our reviewers team will give you feedback, so you can be able to improve your proposal and increase the chances that it will be selected to be part of the program.


Tracks and Topics:

We expect session proposals falling under the topics listed below. To facilitate the coordination between reviewers and the conference program’s creation, we’ve grouped the topics in 3 tracks. Each track is in itself a high level topic, and will have its own reviewers team and a coordinator.

  • Management Track, Coordinator: Fernando Guigou
    • Enterprise Agile
    • Leadership & Learning
    • Culture and collaboration
  • Technical Track, Coordinator: Nicolás Paez (@inicopaez)
    • DevOps & Continuous delivery.
    • Development Practices & automated testing
    • User Experience.
  • Complementary Track, Coordinator: Hiroshi Hiromoto (@hhiroshi)
    • Using Agile outside software development
    • Innovation
    • Startups & Entrepreneurship


Important Dates:

  • Call for papers: March 20th
  • Deadline for submitting proposals to receive a formal feedback: June 8th
  • Call for papers closure: July 6th
  • Accepted proposals’ notifications: August 24th
  • Program’s publication: August 31st


  1. Matías Iacono says:

    No estoy pudiendo submitir propuestas. El servidor arroja error 500.

    • Jorge Bejar says:

      Hola Matías,

      Perdón por la demora en responder.

      Ya pudiste enviarnos tu propuesta? Espero que haya funcionado. Si no fue así, por favor avísanos y trabajaremos para solucionarlo.


  2. Samuel Crescêncio says:

    Hello guys,

    I’m happy you guys are doing this event in Uruguay. I wish really a very good event.

    I would like to participate and I lost the date for submission.

    Is it still possible to submit anyway?

    To be frank, I really want to go to the event, but due to my responsibilities with Agile Brazil, I’m not yet sure if I’ll really be able not to go to Agile Brazil. It’s a shame that the events are conflicting dates.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best.

    Honored former chair of Ágiles2009 Conference 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Samuel,

      First of all, sorry for the delay in the response!

      We’re accepting new submissions until 9th July, so you’re still have the chance to send us your proposal.

      You’re totally right about the two agile conferences with conflicting schedule. I hope we will have more opportunities for sharing with Brazilian community in the future. Anyway, we’re looking forward to see people from your country this year in our event in Montevideo.

      I wish you all the best with Agile Brazil!

      Agiles 2015

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